Cat Skiing in Schweitzer's Backcountry
and the Epic Trees of the Selkirks
Private Snowcat Specials: You and 9 riders
in our custom heated cabins
When To Ride? Save on cat seats
in December and March
"Non skiers" in Your Ski Vacation?
Here's What To Do To Include Them
Guided Snowmobile Tours by Selkirk Powder;
"Unreal. And so beautiful"
Timing It Right: Family, Friends and Small Groups
How to Get Your Fisk On!
Row pontoons boats or Walk n' Wade?
Letting Our Local Knowledge Save
You Time and Effort
New Tours! Flyfishing and spincasting
Priest River and high mountain lakes
Kayaking North Idaho's pristine Priest River What Do You Need To Get on the River?
Good Equipment, Lessons and a Paddle Buddy
Taking reservations from
May to October
Into Mountain Biking BIG Vertical? Apply here! Riding Singletrack Around Sandpoint Wednesday Night Race Series at Farragut
Wednesdays at 5pm in July
Schedule a roadbike ride with us
in May to October
Conquer Schweitzer: Category 5 Hillclimb
Sunday, August 17 2014
Who's Going to Wear The Crowns?
How about you?!

Selkirk Powder is a Sandpoint, based Outfitter licensed by the
State of Idaho to provide alpine skiing, snowmobiling.
fishing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and photography
guided tours.
Our permitted terrain encompasses nearly 200,000 acres of the
best eco-system in North America - the Selkirk Mountains from
Lake Pend Oreille to the border of British Columbia, Canada.

No matter the season or the tour chosen you are assured that
our guides are certified and maintain annual proficiency ratings
for medical, mechanical, mapping and avalanche procedures.
In addition Selkrk Powder Company is a registered Professional
Division of National Ski Patrol (NSP)

Our guides truly know how to help you maximize your fun
- safely. You can get it all with us - quality, value, excellent
service, But don’t just take our word —
the Powderhounds voted us the 2013 #2 BEST CAT SKIING

We ski and snowboard just 30 miles from the wettest spot
in the American Rockies making snow quality excellent
and very dependable. An “average” season is 300+ inches,
but more importantly we retain base with ridge depths
commonly 10' to 12' and drifts up to 20' deep.

We operate 2 powerful PistenBully snowcats expertly
maintained by dedicated personnel. We average 8-12
runs, or 10-14k vertical. Runs are between 800 to 2,200'
long. Elevations range between 4,000 to 6,700';
comfortable for riders from lower elevations.

Our summit lodge is just steps away from Schweitzer's
Great Escape chairlift. We ride 92 west and north
facing runs spanning a 3-mile long ridge, dropping
into 3000+ acres of open bowls, steep chutes and
epic glades. Slope angles vary from light up to
mid-40 degrees.

Peak Season
Peak Season dates December 25 - January 04,
January 16 - March 08
Off Peak dates December 19-24, January 05-15,
March 09 - April 11

Cat Skiing Prices
Peak Cat Seat $400.
Peak Private Cat $3500.
Off Peak Cat Seat $350.
Off Peak Private Cat $3300.
Standby Cat Seat $330.

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Snowmobiling with us is the perfect activity to get a small group
outdoors in the woods. And it doesn't hurt to be in the snowiest
place in the Rockies!

The trails we ride are usually covered with fresh powder snow,
renewed often by Mother Nature often so you won’t encounter
packed washboard bumps due to high volume traffic.

We limit guided tours to 6 guest sleds or less to maximize fun
and allow you the best opportunity to see wildlife while
experiencing great conditions during your ride.

We offer two types of tours: Explorer and Voyager

Explorer Perfect for those new to snowmobiling,
or who have only a couple hours to play.
It’s typically a 1.5 hour tour during which you may
explore the trails along the ridge line, or dip into
the Middle Fork, home to Bull trout, moose and sleeping
grizzly bear. ing VOYAGER Tour

Voyager For those who want to spend some
more time on the throttle. 3 hours of riding time
and many different views or a ride to our Selkirk Powder
Ranch on the Priest River.

Includes driving instructions, helmet, chairlift ticket,
snacks and cocoa.
You must come prepared with winter snow gear:
snow boots, snow pants, parka, warm hat, sunglasses
or goggles. Some rentals available.

Peak Season
Peak Season dates December 25 - January 04,
January 16 - March 08
Off Peak dates December 19-24, January 05-15,
March 09 - April 11

Snowmobiling Prices*
Explorer Tour- 3 tours per day; 9am, 11am & 1pm
Peak $140. per sled $225. with passenger*
Off Peak $125. per snowmobile $200. with passenger
* weight combination must be under 350lbs
Voyager Tour - 1 tour per day; 9am
Peak $280. per snowmobile - NO PASSENGERS
Off Peak $250. per snowmobile - NO PASSENGERS
*Tax not included
We accept single seat reservations, but to operate a tour
we must meet a minimum of 2 snowmobiles.

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The Selkirk Mountain's Priest River is 44-miles long and drains
900-square miles of the "American" section of this rugged
north-running mountain chain. A beautifully scenic and healthy
fish corridor, the river teams with Dolly Varden, Westslope
Cutthroat, bass and mountain whitefish.
Up on thw western slopes above the Priest Lakes are
numerous alpine lakes stocked by IF&G. These certainly
require more stamina to access, but fishing in pristine alpine
lakes has unmatched appeal.
We offer guided full and half day tours rowing inflatible pontoon
boats or walking in idylic locations. We can either
cast flies or throw bait and it makes absolutely no difference
whether you're a novice or an experienced angler,
our patient guides are just looking for any excuse to be
floating down the river or walking into an alpine lake.

For each trip custom arrangements are made to drive to the
takeout locations where you'll meet up your guide. After
dropping the pickup vehicle you'll and continue driving go up
river to the put in where the boats are already assembled.

For the best opportunity to experience great fishing,
we limit our Walk and Wade tours to 4 anglers per guide
and pontoon tours to 2 anglers per guide.

Our fishing guides available from May 1st through November

Idaho Fish & Game license(s)along with rods, tackle and bait(s)
can be purchased directly off the route used to meet your guide.

Fishing Prices* Fly or Spincasting
Half Day - Walk and Wade
One Angler: $330, Two Anglers: $355, Three Anglers $380
Four Anglers $405

Full Day - Walk and Wade
One Angler: $370, Two Anglers $420, Three Anglers $495
Four Anglers $720

Full Day - Float
One Angler: $405, Two Anglers $455

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Join our licensed guides for refreshing sit-on-top kayak float
down the Priest River. We run 2 sections of this 44 mile beauty,
both sections take about 6 or more hours to complete.
Experience is not necessary for either, but those joining the float
through the Eight-mile Rapids will want to be solid swimmers
and not afraid of tipping their kayak.

We offer two tours:
Eight-mile Rapids
Excellent 10 miles of paddling with a sustained Class 3 rapid
MacAbee Falls to Priest River Steps
Float-time 2.5-5 hrs. Ages 14+, Moderate/Hard

The Green Owl
Beautiful 15 miles of Class 1 river corridor
Selkirl Powder Ranch to MacAbee Falls
Float-time 3-5 hrs. Ages 12+ Easy/Moderate

Includes life vests /pfd, helmet, gloves, wet suits, booties, water,
light snacks, lunches arranged

For these trips, plan to meet your guide(s) and and our
van(s) at the take out. From the take-outs you'll jump in our van
and drive up to the put-in. When we come off the river you'll be
at your car and you can quickly be on your way home.

Our guides are available from May 1st through November 15th

Kayaking Prices
Tours daily: One person $350. Two person $455
Three person $495. Ea. add'l $225.
We specialize in small groups of 6 or less

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The mountain biking  is epic up in the Idaho Panhandle, eastern
Washington and western Montana area where state and national
forests surrounding giant lakes are the dominant features.

This how we started way back in 1999. We ride all over and the
trails vary from single track climbs into wild places to lakeshore
cruisers good for all lages and abilities. So whether you're looking
for an expert or just a riding buddy this is a great time.
Transportation can be arranged and rental MTBs
are available from shops downtown or at Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

Our guides are available from May 1st through November 15th

Mountain Biking Prices
Tours daily: One person $350. Two person $455
Three person $495. Ea. add'l $225.
We specialize in small groups of 6 or less

Event: Wednesday Night Race Series (WNRS)
Wednesdays in July 2014
Ken has been involved with the mountain bike race season for
15 years every Wednesday with up to 100 mountain bikers
gathering to do some endurance riding. Don't miss the action
this July at Wednesday 5 p.m.

This event is a partnership with Two Wheeler Dealer of Hayden
and Bicycle Sales and Service of Coeur d"Alene.

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This is the other discipline Ken started with back in 1999 by
developing and supporting cross state bike tours like
Wheelin"Over Washington and Sandpoint-Glacier-Sandpoint.
Now 15 years in the road biking just seems to get better and
better up here in the Columbia Basin as highways become
scenic byways and our old county dirt roads get paved.

There are now so many opportunities for point the point
or lap tours using Sandpoint as a hub, so if you're looking for
a ride partner this is a perfect opportunity to hook up with
or a day or half a day on a ride tailored specifically to the
riders desires. Choices include major hill climbs to
riverside flat rides.

Our guides are available from May 1st through November 15th

Road Biking Prices
Tours daily: One person $300. Two person $400
Three person $495. Ea. add'l $125.
We specialize in small groups of 6 or less

Event: Conquer Schweitzer Roadbike Hillclimb
Sunday August 17 2014

This will be the second year of Conquer Schweitzer, a premier Cat 5
hillclimb. You couldn't ask for a better venue than Sandpoint's
Schweitzer Mountain Road. It's paved 8.6 miles deadend road with
2400 vertical foot gain. leading riders of all ages bilities to the ski
resort's lovely village.. This ride is sanctioned by USA Cycling 

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